What is Refresh Indicator? 😯

A widget that supports the Material “swipe to refresh” idiom.

How to use Refresh Indicator?🤔

The implementation is so easy👻. What…


Animations are the most important part of a user experience and if we can get a better user experience by writing a few lines of code, what are you waiting for 👻

What is the AnimationCrossFade widget?🤔

The AnimationCrossFade widget does the animation between two widgets on a certain condition and at a certain time duration and the widgets can be any type like Text, Color, Size, Column, Container, etc.

So Let’s start

So Let’s start

STEP # 1

First Import all the necessary plugins.

STEP # 2

Setting up the AndroidManifest.xml👇

What is CheckBox ListTile?

CheckBox ListTile widget is a combination of CheckBox and ListTile widget in which we create a checkbox in our ListTile widget with title and subtitle without creating a separate widget for both of them🤩

How to use CheckBox ListTile?

The usage is pretty much simple just take a look at the below code.

Let’s see an Example 😃

What are Shared Preferences?

In simple words shared preferences allow you to store small amounts of primitive data as key/value pairs in a file on the device.

Let’s start 😉

How do we use shared preferences in Flutter?

First, install the shared preference dependency in your project 👌

Step 1: Add dependency

Step 2: Creating a service class for the shared preferences.

Note: This is not necessary but I always prefer to do work in this way. It’s up to you, you can directly call the SF method if you want🙂

Step 2: Storing data in SF 🔒

Step 3: Getting data from SF✊🏼

Step 4: Removing data from SF️‍🔥

How to check the data is present in SF or not?

For this, we have a method called to contain.



flutter create — template=package package_name


Sample images of pop up menu

Let’s start

STEP: 1) Import dependency

Import this into your pubspec file under the dependencies.

STEP: 2) Provide Context

In your build method Provide the context to the popup menu

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